New Pieces by Mexican Artist Edgar Orlaineta



Nouvel Studio presents two new pieces done by the Mexican artist Edgar Orlaineta that come as an answer to the success achieved by his series Katsinas and the public´s interest in having a more portable size. Omaw and Nata´aska —the first is short and the second is tall— are beautiful glass sculptures for which the artist selected four different color ranges: warm, cold, dark and vintage that add versatility to both pieces.

The experience and skills of Nouvel Studio melted with Edgar´s talent in this new Katsinas. Omaw and Nata´aska are formed by three elements, two made of glass (base and torso) and one made of cork. Each element represents a module that maybe exchanged giving the owners the liberty of personalizing it if they wish to.


"XINU" Ignacio Cadena


Inspired by microscopic organic structures of plants that make up the catalog of aromatic botany of America, the collection of glass pieces respond to its own materiality , understand its limits , explores its borders , learn of their condition and each seeks its own form of independently. The creator becomes a viewer who simply guide a process of natural development in a perfect symbiosis between creative decisions and morphological responses given by each of the " bodies of glass " to be molded and placed in the hands of chance , the raw material , technique, craftsmanship talent and wonderful possibility of the unexpected and surprising.

Ignacio Cadena, 2016


Colaboración Nouvel Studio y Jorge Yazpik

Jorge Yazpik is a renowned and talented sculptor born in Mexico City in 1955, his major exhibitions include the following institutions The Museum of Modern Art, the Tamayo Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca, the Museum of Anthropology, INAH , José Luis Benlluire Gallery, and include the Faculty of Architecture of UNAM and the Universidad Iberoamericana. The artist usually submits his work without titles from his point of view sculptures should speak for them itself. In his most recent work he included glass sculptures which were combined with other materials such as stucco, volcanic rock, gold leaf and other materials. In this edition of sculptures he added a collection of limited edition glass rings where the artist moved his technique to a smaller scale making unique collection pieces.


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