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The designers co-created a collection of 14 pieces that combine glass with stone and metal. This collection expands the frontiers at Nouvel Studio, opening the door of the creative laboratory to art and signature design.

Brian Thoreen is an American designer who recently relocated to Mexico City. He creates furniture, architectural installations and unique design objects who gather their ethos from the integral nature of the materials within the application.

Thoreen’s vision has been focused through years of working in the fields of art, fashion and architecture. He started his own practice in 2014 under his own name and has received much acclaim for his designs. After showing his work for the first time in 2015 with Sight Unseen at Collective Design Fair he gained immediate notoriety. He is represented in New York for his furniture by Patrick Parrish Gallery. He has been included in many art and design fairs since. He had his first major solo show at Patrick Parrish in 2017 with his Unsettled collection. His works have been featured in many publications and are included in many prominent collections.


Vilma Bowl

Nouvel Studio presents a new member of the Pedro and Pablo series by Mexican designer Emiliano Godoy. “Vilma” integrates into this bowls series and stands out for its original production process. For Emiliano design is the tool to generate a better future and in his interest for finding a way to reduce the energy consumption for the production of Vilma bowl he found a way he successfully explored with Nouvel Studio´s craftsmen team.

The cast that shapes “Vilma” bowl is made of stone —traditionally they are done with metal— but for Emiliano it was very important to find a new way and the stone was perfect to achieve the goal. A big cast was done that resulted in a great piece attaining as well the energy saving expected by the designer.



Nouvel Studio presents the series "Katsinas" by the Mexican artist Edgar Orlaineta who has done a fantastic reinterpretation of the katsina or kachina in glass, from the Hopi peoples of northeastern Arizona. The mystique of these dolls - formerly employed as a link between immortal beings - has been lost over the years, so Edgar decided to take up the tradition that surrounds them and transform it into beautiful glass sculptures.


Grand Masters Anthology

Nouvel celebrates more than 20 years of collaboration with fantastic creative people presenting the limited edition drinking glasses designed by acclaimed Mexican architects Teodoro González de León, Ricardo Legorreta and Pedro Ramírez Vázquez.

Constantly teaming up for the conception of new projects has been the challenge that has always make us better, mixing our passion for making glass with the passion to create new forms.

Timeless pieces are our goal, always encouraging good design. It is with this anthology that we present a well deserved homage to three great persons whom we have had the honor of working with.


"FICUS B" Jan Hendrix

jan hendrix arte mexicano movil

La colaboración con Jan Hendrix se da a partir de una conjugación de arte y técnica. En esta obra Hendrix traslada su conocida gráfica al vidrio con técnicas de grabado de alta complejidad. El detalle distingue la particularidad de la pieza. Como el artista lo describe .- el vidrio es un material seductor, muy peligroso y por lo mismo difícil de manejar, asi que el reto de hacer algo que supere lo que ya es el vidrio en sus estado natural, resulta complicado.

Es así como nace el set de Floreros "Ficus B" en una conjugación fantástica de arte y técnica.

FICUS both


Dermal " Héctor Esrawe

dermail 01

Héctor Esrawe y Manuel Bañó
Vidrio soplado y madera
Exhibiciones: 2014 | Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, Munal
2014 | Zona Maco 2014

A través del vidrio soplado Héctor Esrawe comienza a trasladar el diseño y la fabricación de objetos funcionales a piezas que tienen como principal función su valor simbólico. Dermal es uno de los proyectos que integra la serie host de Nouvel Studio. Esta pieza busca posicionar la materia y la técnica del vidrio soplado como protagonistas de un objeto al lograr conexiones inesperadas entre la pieza y su proceso de fabricación. Se utilizaron herramientas tradicionales en la transformación del vidrio soplado, algunas de madera, que en muchas ocasiones alteran y condicionan la forma de la burbuja de vidrio. En el caso de la Dermal, en alusión a la técnica de implantes subcutáneos en el cuerpo —de ahí su nombre—, las herramientas son incrustadas en el vidrio candente y la huella que dejan se utiliza como receptáculo de elementos de madera que soportan la pieza al mismo tiempo que la alteran, la habitan y la condicionan.


Since 2013 collaborating with Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin

Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin started collaborating with Nouvel Studio in 2013. The first project " Loon" , captures the curve of a distinct and discreet bird while retaining the functionality of a real and practical vase. The suggestion of movement and clarity of line lend these pieces their original attraction, while implying both grace and motion.


BGNonfoux20140509 0746


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