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Laurin Schaub X Nouvel Studio

Laurin Schaub, the recipient of The Federal Swiss Design Awards 2018, is known for a design language that translates human habitat and culture into contemporary utilitarian forms. Together with Nouvel he will apply his approach to the medium of glass for the first time.


Abierto Mexicano de Diseño 2018

The Abierto Mexicano de Diseño (AMD), showcases designers from different disciplines and countries in the heart of Mexico City’s downtown. During the 2018 edition Nouvel Studio presented a series of new vases made in collaboration with Swiss designer Julie Richoz.


NY NOW Summer 2018

At this past summer’s NY,Now,Nouvel Studio presented new designs such as Duna by Monica Guggisberg (Switzerland) and Numa by Joel Escalona (Mexico), both of which explore textures and elemental contours. 


Glass. From popular art to contemporary design

The exhibition at the 21st Century Medical Center of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) explores the great tradition of blown glass craftsmanship developed in Mexico throughout the 20th century while highlighting the resurgence of high-design utilitarian glass.


Design Miami/Basel 2018

Nouvel Limited presents 15 pieces in the Curio section of Design Miami/Basel 2018. This is the first time that the company participates in this famous art and design fair. The exhibited pieces include the Precarius collection, conceived by Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy and Brian Thoreen, together with Magma, a wall lamp produced in collaboration with Ewe Studio. 


The Katsinas series by the artist Edgar Orlaineta was part of the presentation at the art platform carried out in Guadalajara, Mexico. Hahai Wüqti, Tetañaya, Matia and Paiakyamû make up the complete work of art (in limited production) being presented in the framework of this event.

"Over the years, WIT has enjoyed the presence of important personalities in the world of design and graphic arts. Their role has been essential in making the fair an event of great significance and quality, that each year consolidates its role as a point of reference for the creative industry of Mexico".

WIT Design Fair


Rafael Aranda

Rafael Aranda translates the material aspect of glass. One of the founders of RCR Arquitectes traces its flow and its nature until he finds its very composition.

The collaborative prelude opens with one of the masterminds of the firm that was created in 1988. The joint work between Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta was worthy of the Pritzker Architecture Prize of 2017 due to the intimate connection between space and time that is reveals.

Its harmonic narrative highlights internal and external spaces that converge in emotional and experiential architecture. "They are believers in the function, the form and the sensations that the materials transmit; their work reflects directed study by a team that defends beauty as a way of life, demanding maximum yield and functionality from their designs".



During the art and design fair Zona Maco, high-end glass Mexican manufacturer Nouvel Limited showcases a collaboration with designers Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy y Brian Thoreen.

This is the first occasion when the three designers co-create a collection of objects. Throughout several months the designers worked hand in hand with the design team and the artisans at Nouvel Limited to generate risky, large-scale pieces which take glass design to new heights.


Four different families were designed. The one with the largest presence at Zona Maco is comprised of glass pieces formed around steel or brass plates. These two materials are holding each other in a delicate balance, and the contrast is quite severe as the glass is transparent while the plates are rougher and less refined.


Another family is made of pieces of glass which were also formed around metal plates, but are shown alone, with the imprints of the plates giving them shape and character.


Another material that was brought into the mix is stone. A set of rational, rectilinear volumes are formed by glass and stone. The connection of the two materials is slanted and it holds in place because the glass copied the texture on the stone. The glass, always on top of the stone, has an open ending and may be used as vases or containers.


A rough, chiseled stone pyramid and a glass cylinder are held in place due to the texture on the rock being copied by the glass. Two pieces are identical, just one placed upside down. This way, one works as a side table while the other one is a container or vase.


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